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Backhoes & Excavators

CASE 580N backhoe.jpg

Backhoe 4x4

  CASE 580N

Whether in rental, landscaping or a do-it-all machine, the open CASE 580N backhoe brings versatile, powerful and efficient performance with great responsiveness and speed.


[ft/in] - 23'4"L x 6'8"W x 10'8"H


17,751 [lbs]

john deere 310k ep.png

Backhoe 4x4

  John Deere 310K EP

The John Deere 310K EP is fully integrated and fuel efficient to get the toughest jobs done while digging deep; whether in rental, landscaping or for any do-it-all needs.


[ft/in] - 23'3"L x 7'2"W x 11'3"H


13,913 [lbs]

kubota u-17.jpg

1-3 ton Mini Excavator

  Kubota U17

When taking on a tough job in a tight space, the U17 zero-tail swing compact excavator delivers the maneuverability, power, performance and versatility that get the job done.


[ft/in] - 11'7" L x 4'1" W x 7'8"H


1.22 [metric tons]

Kubota KX033-4.jpg

3-4 ton Excavator

  Kubota KX033-4

With impressive stability, incredible power, and the lifting capacity of a much bigger machine, the KX033-4 is a compact excavator that offers a level of performance to efficiently handle a wide variety of tough excavating jobs.


[ft/in] - 15'6"L x 5'1"W x 8'1"H


3-4 [metric tons]

Kubota KX057.png

6-Ton Excavator
  Kubota KX057

The Kubota KX057 gives the best in durability, comfort and performance. With a 47.6 horsepower, this excavator is built to help you dig deeper, lift higher and dominate whatever task you throw its way.


[ft/in] - 6'6" W x 8'5"H


6 [metric tons] / 12,345 [lbs]

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