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Compaction & Trenchers

asphalt roller 1-2ton.png

Asphalt Roller - 1-2 ton

  Wacker RD12

The Wacker RD12 vibratory roller with 35.4" drum width and an overall operating weight of 1.2 Tons includes dual drum drive and articulated steering for excellent maneuverability. This machine is ideally suited for commercial and residential compaction of asphalt and granular subbase material.


[in] - 82"L x 41"W x 60"H


2,040 lbs

asphalt roller 3-4ton.png

Asphalt Roller - 3-5 ton

  Volve DD25

The Volvo DD25 asphalt compactor completes small asphalt rolling jobs with ease, efficiency and versatility. It's ideal for operations including hot mix asphalt, soil sub-base work, aggregate-base and more.


[in] - 100" L x 42" W x 116"H


5,400 lbs

multi quip plate compactor.jpg

Plate Compactor

  MultiQuip MVC82 VHW

With it's anti-vibration handle, the Multiquip Plate Compactor dramatically reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity and is equipped with an open base plate design to make for easier removal of dirt and rock build-up.


[in] - 36"L x 17.7"W x 39.6"H


200 lbs

multi quip rammer.jpg


  MultiQuip MTX80

The Multiquip MTX80 Rammer is known for its performance and ease of operation by using low vibration handles for operator comfort and long-lasting laminate wood and steel shoe.


[in] - 28.3"L x 11.2"W x 39.4"H


183 lbs


Trencher - Walk-behind - 5.5 H.P.

   Ground Hog T-4

The T-4’s narrow, compact design allows easy access around the job site and it easily fits through gates and doorways. Simplified operator controls help make the machine less intimidating to operators unfamiliar with using outdoor power equipment.


[in] - 60"L x 24"W x 42"H


230 [lbs]

Barreto Track Trencher.jpg

Trencher - Walk-behind - 13.0 H.P.

   Barreto E2036-TKD

Low maintenance and hardworking, the TK trencher is reliable in the most difficult conditions. The simple steering, large tracks, and size of this trencher, reduces impact on the operator and provides stability. 


[in] - 92"L x 52"H x 35"W


1600 [lbs]

ditch witch.png

Trencher - Ride-on - 45 H.P.

   Ditchwitch 3700

Featuring total hydrostatic operation, the Ditch Witch 3700 delivers 45 hp to install buried power and communications cable; natural gas, water and sewer service lines, residential and commercial sprinkler systems; light-duty agricultural irrigation systems.


[in] - 155"L x 86"H x 63"W


4200 [lbs]

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